Monday, December 27, 2010

Got to admit while I sit
Forgot I’ve got in me
Where my feet long to walk
Where my soul sinks in search
Where my emotions run deep
Take a seat
Everything in slow motion
Everything on fast forward
Why dig a hole
When you can slide on top
Enlisting to grow up and not rot
Why I’ve got nothing holding me back
And nothing pushing me forward
Except to feel alive
Except to function in society
And not cause a riot - you see?
You see, us?
Us is a lot of things
With a lot of rings I come calling towards
Well the sky is gorgeous
And the bottom of the ocean -
I can’t even see
Just a moment to be free
That’s all we want
Except that moment fades fast
Like the grass that we cut
To feed our need
To be in step
With what we view as best
And all else a pest
I’ve got to sleep and I’ve got to eat
I’ve got to have a lot more too
Maybe even you
The mosquito’s bite
And the tide rolls in
Feels good to choose
Feels good to know
Feels good to grow
And share it too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The stare at what re- and un-appears
As the time melts into days
Churning the milk into butter
The work to achieve a moment like no other
An adventure to live out of habitat
A drive from inside
A splintered balance
A pendulum’s center
A place to surrender
A place to make up one’s mind -
You’ll find me hiding here most of the time
You’ll find me learning street smarts
You’ll find me researching statistics
You’ll find me asking why your feet tap
And why your fingers rap on the counter
You’ll find me growing up the only way I can
The achievement on the intrigue that never ends
The time is laid out so wide
And narrow where the tracks have already been laid
Where does the power lay?  
Your geography’s roots run deep 
But why look underneath? 
For me I am looking high up in the sky 
There is no question of why