Friday, March 25, 2011

Got a language I’m learning in the land of retreat
Got a soul that keeps burning
On the Earth that keeps churning
Just made me think - that the tide turns
And my mind yearns
Got the setting - its upturned, uplifted, sifted by the environmental bend
Where my feet send my mind adrift
Got the fluidity to be
Living on the dream I see
The blinks between
Bringing them all in
Living them all out
Because I can’t not scout out this world
And see and be
The identity changes to the setting that sinks into the source
Of course - we are altered by what draws us near
What touches a calling - for which we have to steer.
And I’ve got a body that rocks the mind
Been finding a pattern I see fit
And the situations shift
Got a motion on my heart
It rises and falls
It pays attention to the details
The subliminal forces that send my mind reeling again and again
For it’s a love for life - you’ll find that is always a tune you like to hear
Cause you make it sound sweet
In the partings  and forward presses
Creatin the memories I love and miss
Taking a bite - tasting each sip
Minds realing on the presence of bein alive.

Friday, March 18, 2011

So I take in the good day that be happening today, as you walk on the frozen underfoot.  And the sunrays above meet to evaporate the accumulated past and let it pass out of the troposphere.  You can breath in the past, change it in you into the future - in which you inhale again - a cycle that sends the experiences that never end.  Cause we’re rotating on the gravitational flux from all the other air masses we be sendin’ out of here.  A flux that sucks us back on our own two feet to walk a beat called pursuit and being en route - and with a soul to boot!  The earth’s drippin’ down, leaching into the ground.  Erupting past layers we can’t avoid.  The past in the present.  In all the stories meant to be told.  Where the web of connection arose and grew me five fingers and five toes - to operate on creation and balance on the place we land our feet.  Import and export the wave of the future.  The difference of long distances.  The actuality in reality is far different than the same.  You could say its nature sending messages or you could say its that we are all alive and ticking, all alive and thinkin’ whether its good or bad.  Thinkin’ happy or sad.  Whether a place can shift, spark a rift, and the water fall beneath it.  Underground, believe in the future sounds ring clear in the air.  
Keep breathing that H20, my dear. 
Living in a waking dream
The sounds all seem to weave into my bloodstream
Cause I can’t hear out of one ear
Got me hypnotized on your eyes
Blank stare
Shake off the unclear
Try on a new lifestyle
Feel what its like to live out of routine
To feel a different way
For your in a situation for a moment
Each instant you decide where to place yourself for what your after.
Got time to wait.
I’ve got the clock that’s tuned with sunlight
And I’ve got the calendar of nature’s axis as it spins me round.
I can heighten my chances of an outcome to be achieved
But I can’t spin the clock.
I can’t feel what its like to be you.
I’ve got my memories almanac of the past
And I dwell on the future with them and how they made me feel.
The options aren’t unreal.
I’ve got a lot of places to go.
Got a lot of people I’d find interesting to know.
Good and bad things happen all over the place.
In time and space - the surfaces of what surrounds -
Of what survivals instinct has engrained in all of us.
The learned association to remember pleasure from pain.
Where this brain’s got me giving a purpose to life.
To profit what I think is right.
Traveling in the sky today.
Maybe I’ll hear out of both ears at the end of the day.