Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A slope on the inters cope
The helix shaped pattern
On the rings of Saturn
Floats before my face
Only an imagination
The rotation of a memory thought to be
The reality perceived differently
The actuality of morality and fatality
The next to, in front, eye’s view
Experience repeat, relapse, reestablish the past
The overcast, humid, capture
That the storm is coming after
The wonder how the hours unshift the weather
Whether to stay in or go out -
whether you even ought to sit and ponder anything
Other than straightforward and sideways
On the highways and byways
Hello’s and good days and goodbyes
Ok’s and agreements
Flying straight over the ground
Sparks ignite the sound
The wind and the animals call
They feel the feeling of small
Of the tall immense Earth
The surge, the birth
The inside, around, abounds
The inkblot’s next flip
The original sensation
The erased perception
The dream-weaver’s netting’s
Got my soul sending me
In control and out of it
I stay to runaway
In search of the next search
In stray with tomorrow’s hearsay
Today melts away
Thoughts think to stay.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Been interpreting the days in terms of gray
Cause I’m living them today
Been feeling my muscles bend
Where they send my body in motion
Been operating at the highest speeds
Slow motion is no option
Sending letters forward to the future
Ebb contradicting the flow
Balance on the movement
Unwinding I’m finding
Mind’s not dividing
Compartmentalizing and sizing
The feelings that are most surprising
There gaining, melting in memory
Why I think of how light bends
Round a circle
Why a light bulb leaves
Leftover images on the past
They last
Retrace and relapse
So what do you think in the moment - its passed
Been spinning a web full of flowers
Its growing on what I give it
What it soaks into its coat
Been saving the nectar
Gonna spread it out with good measure
Gonna make your day better
Let my heart grow ♥
Walking round a neighborhood
The new and old understood
The mechanisms set on display
To say - we live this way
We apply to societal survival
The social display.  I’m here.  I say.
This is what’s contributing to life today.
This is the renew.  This is the circle of time.
This is the years been lived before
Colliding with a today’s mind alive for more
The thoughts run endless and true
Some move on the tilt I run to stay alive
Some I’ve found move me backwards
I sway away.  I stay on a path my wantings attach
My freedoms set on fire and spreads where the winds blows
Gaze at the only places my body cannot go.
The before and after.
I’ll have to send for a messenger instead.
I can’t be both at once
There’s only one of me to entrust that my mind 
Lives the sort of things it must.
Presently is the moment your makin.
Creating a better for you to reawaken
But your aching.
And your souls bakin’
Its hot to the touch.
It runs my energy level on the importance I find
It guides my immediate outlook
It controls the vibe I send when I say hi and my questions why
The earth controls me
On a cycle we spin
In the rhythm we’re in
We send a freshness to the future
I’ve got intent inside
I’ve got the time ticking
I’ve added the numbers
I’ve written the days
They’ve all just gone away
I’m experiencing a changing day
It’s a conversation with nature I’m learning to take
I’m practicing motion and moments in flight
I’m amounting the excitement its spinning a web
A suns explosion
Goodbye hello
Good night good day
Oh I’m watching
And not waiting
The beauty is before me and its clear
It’s the sun splintering through the air
The iris of my eye knows how to spy
Where wondering still is won
Thoughts rattle, quiver, and shake
And spit into my mind
Environmental adjustment
Lines connected and patterns displayed
Getting bigger, symmetrical reflections
Ripples on the surface
I’m on the earth and I’m in search
Seein who I’m bein.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

     Death and still being alive.
The apple drops, to stop.  Into the timeslot -
Of getting old and starting to rot.
     When a neighbor appears, and stares -
At what’s not forgotten when it dies.
Birds eat what’s on the ground.
And travel into the skies.
    Spurts of time collaborate on my mind.
Because you can’t subtract the act.
And you can’t reunite the pact.
Life isn’t about being exact.
     It’s about blending in when you need to survive.
And standing out on the inside.
And this time I’m gonna walk down the path that’s lit.
I’ll leave the shadows for another’s sorrows.
And round the corner on my life, unborrowed.
     There ain’t no race to fill up empty space -
When you always take it all in.
Every grin.  Every mixed up serpent spin.  
Every choke.  From every bloke, who’s forgotten my face.
     And I’ll keep my bad habits.  
And I’ll recognize the good ones in others.
I’ll push when I want to push.  Shove when I want to shove.
Show love, if it sprouts and buds.
     I live because I want to live.  We are all the same like that.
You died so long ago.  But I still remember what you loved; me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The sun slides through my eyes.
To infiltrate my insides.

Where numbers are letters. 
And colors are shapes.

And my classroom is the outside escape.
And every person portrays an image.
A look, a cover to the book.
What lies underneath?
Underneath our depth to impress.
Underneath our impression of the depth.
Within all the feelings we don’t want to share.
And all the excuses for which to compare.
A thought to the stare.
A token to the unclear.
I want to know why it feels good to be you.
When we’ve never experienced being anything other than us.
Even the spiritually alive, wonder - maybe even more.
Explore.  The time before and the time after.
The time wrapped around our hands.
Holding or binding on the property of our land.
In bands that strand and twist around our fist.
A hand to touch, to cover in covers, 
to create a beat, and communicate.
A calling on my shoulder, 
that if you don’t look at life straight on, you’d see.
It’s just a walk on the path to infinity.
Walk many or just one its your choice.
But I’d like a surprise to shoot through my eyes.
Unconnected connectedness.
In what’s not said, and what’s not there.
And what we don’t bite the bullet and consume.
In a winter’s sigh.  And in spring’s cry.
In summer’s release and fall’s embrace.
Are you living to die and go up in the sky?
Not up in smoke to another place.
It can’t all be bad and it all can’t be good.
It can’t all be written and understood.
I want that thing that makes you an individual in a social pact.
I don’t want what portrays the act.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A sound thought
We live days apart
We speak minds regime
In a moment of life
Environments necessity adapts
As the seconds elapse
My features send a message you read
But not exactly how the story is said
My capabilities allow me no restraints
There are places that this Earth’s got set up
Set up by you.  Set up by me.
Set up to reverberate the past in the mind of the future.
A shape-shaped by change, by weather,
By whether your ready to change directions on a map
Where no roads are marked yet.
Mysterious things a creepin
And you can’t see ‘em yet
Unless they want what you’ve got
Unless the times tilt ‘em to change
The progression - a drive of insane
Check out how I’ve made it
How I coast on reality
How I catch dreams evaporating mist and transform
A days infection to my souls re-injection
The experimental swap places apart
The infusion of nature, of universal,
Organic, synthetic, transcribed and recoded
In such an instant you find
If you can shape it in your mind
You will find it in your life.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Got a language I’m learning in the land of retreat
Got a soul that keeps burning
On the Earth that keeps churning
Just made me think - that the tide turns
And my mind yearns
Got the setting - its upturned, uplifted, sifted by the environmental bend
Where my feet send my mind adrift
Got the fluidity to be
Living on the dream I see
The blinks between
Bringing them all in
Living them all out
Because I can’t not scout out this world
And see and be
The identity changes to the setting that sinks into the source
Of course - we are altered by what draws us near
What touches a calling - for which we have to steer.
And I’ve got a body that rocks the mind
Been finding a pattern I see fit
And the situations shift
Got a motion on my heart
It rises and falls
It pays attention to the details
The subliminal forces that send my mind reeling again and again
For it’s a love for life - you’ll find that is always a tune you like to hear
Cause you make it sound sweet
In the partings  and forward presses
Creatin the memories I love and miss
Taking a bite - tasting each sip
Minds realing on the presence of bein alive.

Friday, March 18, 2011

So I take in the good day that be happening today, as you walk on the frozen underfoot.  And the sunrays above meet to evaporate the accumulated past and let it pass out of the troposphere.  You can breath in the past, change it in you into the future - in which you inhale again - a cycle that sends the experiences that never end.  Cause we’re rotating on the gravitational flux from all the other air masses we be sendin’ out of here.  A flux that sucks us back on our own two feet to walk a beat called pursuit and being en route - and with a soul to boot!  The earth’s drippin’ down, leaching into the ground.  Erupting past layers we can’t avoid.  The past in the present.  In all the stories meant to be told.  Where the web of connection arose and grew me five fingers and five toes - to operate on creation and balance on the place we land our feet.  Import and export the wave of the future.  The difference of long distances.  The actuality in reality is far different than the same.  You could say its nature sending messages or you could say its that we are all alive and ticking, all alive and thinkin’ whether its good or bad.  Thinkin’ happy or sad.  Whether a place can shift, spark a rift, and the water fall beneath it.  Underground, believe in the future sounds ring clear in the air.  
Keep breathing that H20, my dear. 
Living in a waking dream
The sounds all seem to weave into my bloodstream
Cause I can’t hear out of one ear
Got me hypnotized on your eyes
Blank stare
Shake off the unclear
Try on a new lifestyle
Feel what its like to live out of routine
To feel a different way
For your in a situation for a moment
Each instant you decide where to place yourself for what your after.
Got time to wait.
I’ve got the clock that’s tuned with sunlight
And I’ve got the calendar of nature’s axis as it spins me round.
I can heighten my chances of an outcome to be achieved
But I can’t spin the clock.
I can’t feel what its like to be you.
I’ve got my memories almanac of the past
And I dwell on the future with them and how they made me feel.
The options aren’t unreal.
I’ve got a lot of places to go.
Got a lot of people I’d find interesting to know.
Good and bad things happen all over the place.
In time and space - the surfaces of what surrounds -
Of what survivals instinct has engrained in all of us.
The learned association to remember pleasure from pain.
Where this brain’s got me giving a purpose to life.
To profit what I think is right.
Traveling in the sky today.
Maybe I’ll hear out of both ears at the end of the day.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Reverberations of stimulations
Captured in capsules of memory
Moving at your own pace
To erase.  Or retrace.
I’ve gone to faces.  And known places.
Etching out my smile
No worry on my wrinkles
As time seals the days of yesterday
Also singed into the circle
We all don’t live on Earth’s top layer
Cause when your minds drifting
Only time can seep in
And all the time a something
Else is seepin’ In
Alive on the top layer
Alive within our senses reach
I can rub my eyes and see beneath
The rubbish that surrounds the grounds
You incorporate in your trip around the world a debate on your lips 
Go ahead and swing your hips 
Take a dip 
Take a long saturated sip
Insolence is not a virtue
I’m an author.  I’m an observer.
I’m an intake and excluder.
Intertwining morals -- the murals of life
The price on perfection won’t ever come
But if its viewed in a life-living way -- what more can you say?
A job well done.
A life well lived.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A lift up
A seep beneath
A pendulums ball
I sit beneath
Been walkin’ far enough to come back home
My mind has been set a drift to roam
For one more moon I sit beneath
One-to-thousands of dreams
That lay and hover
I’m bare - got no covers
A resonance reveals
Been standing on the wave
Been walking on life
The barrel is gonna shoot me just right.
Cause truth be told - I’ve got another wave to ride -
Got another ocean to conquer in another -
Me I’ll be doin’ just fine
I find every moment in my mind.