Monday, January 10, 2011

Reverberations of stimulations
Captured in capsules of memory
Moving at your own pace
To erase.  Or retrace.
I’ve gone to faces.  And known places.
Etching out my smile
No worry on my wrinkles
As time seals the days of yesterday
Also singed into the circle
We all don’t live on Earth’s top layer
Cause when your minds drifting
Only time can seep in
And all the time a something
Else is seepin’ In
Alive on the top layer
Alive within our senses reach
I can rub my eyes and see beneath
The rubbish that surrounds the grounds
You incorporate in your trip around the world a debate on your lips 
Go ahead and swing your hips 
Take a dip 
Take a long saturated sip
Insolence is not a virtue
I’m an author.  I’m an observer.
I’m an intake and excluder.
Intertwining morals -- the murals of life
The price on perfection won’t ever come
But if its viewed in a life-living way -- what more can you say?
A job well done.
A life well lived.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A lift up
A seep beneath
A pendulums ball
I sit beneath
Been walkin’ far enough to come back home
My mind has been set a drift to roam
For one more moon I sit beneath
One-to-thousands of dreams
That lay and hover
I’m bare - got no covers
A resonance reveals
Been standing on the wave
Been walking on life
The barrel is gonna shoot me just right.
Cause truth be told - I’ve got another wave to ride -
Got another ocean to conquer in another -
Me I’ll be doin’ just fine
I find every moment in my mind.