Friday, March 25, 2011

Got a language I’m learning in the land of retreat
Got a soul that keeps burning
On the Earth that keeps churning
Just made me think - that the tide turns
And my mind yearns
Got the setting - its upturned, uplifted, sifted by the environmental bend
Where my feet send my mind adrift
Got the fluidity to be
Living on the dream I see
The blinks between
Bringing them all in
Living them all out
Because I can’t not scout out this world
And see and be
The identity changes to the setting that sinks into the source
Of course - we are altered by what draws us near
What touches a calling - for which we have to steer.
And I’ve got a body that rocks the mind
Been finding a pattern I see fit
And the situations shift
Got a motion on my heart
It rises and falls
It pays attention to the details
The subliminal forces that send my mind reeling again and again
For it’s a love for life - you’ll find that is always a tune you like to hear
Cause you make it sound sweet
In the partings  and forward presses
Creatin the memories I love and miss
Taking a bite - tasting each sip
Minds realing on the presence of bein alive.

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