Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The sun slides through my eyes.
To infiltrate my insides.

Where numbers are letters. 
And colors are shapes.

And my classroom is the outside escape.
And every person portrays an image.
A look, a cover to the book.
What lies underneath?
Underneath our depth to impress.
Underneath our impression of the depth.
Within all the feelings we don’t want to share.
And all the excuses for which to compare.
A thought to the stare.
A token to the unclear.
I want to know why it feels good to be you.
When we’ve never experienced being anything other than us.
Even the spiritually alive, wonder - maybe even more.
Explore.  The time before and the time after.
The time wrapped around our hands.
Holding or binding on the property of our land.
In bands that strand and twist around our fist.
A hand to touch, to cover in covers, 
to create a beat, and communicate.
A calling on my shoulder, 
that if you don’t look at life straight on, you’d see.
It’s just a walk on the path to infinity.
Walk many or just one its your choice.
But I’d like a surprise to shoot through my eyes.
Unconnected connectedness.
In what’s not said, and what’s not there.
And what we don’t bite the bullet and consume.
In a winter’s sigh.  And in spring’s cry.
In summer’s release and fall’s embrace.
Are you living to die and go up in the sky?
Not up in smoke to another place.
It can’t all be bad and it all can’t be good.
It can’t all be written and understood.
I want that thing that makes you an individual in a social pact.
I don’t want what portrays the act.


  1. i loved this. it's like a song. (is it a song?) so many good lines... but my favourite is "i want to know why it feels good to be you."

    pretty photographs too. you took them, right? (:

  2. thanks girl! its not a song but I've always thought of turning some of my rhymes to music. pics are from a trip to new zealand.. I'm not the photographer, just a passenger on the ride =)

    I'll have to check out your blog after may 1st eh?