Friday, April 1, 2011

A sound thought
We live days apart
We speak minds regime
In a moment of life
Environments necessity adapts
As the seconds elapse
My features send a message you read
But not exactly how the story is said
My capabilities allow me no restraints
There are places that this Earth’s got set up
Set up by you.  Set up by me.
Set up to reverberate the past in the mind of the future.
A shape-shaped by change, by weather,
By whether your ready to change directions on a map
Where no roads are marked yet.
Mysterious things a creepin
And you can’t see ‘em yet
Unless they want what you’ve got
Unless the times tilt ‘em to change
The progression - a drive of insane
Check out how I’ve made it
How I coast on reality
How I catch dreams evaporating mist and transform
A days infection to my souls re-injection
The experimental swap places apart
The infusion of nature, of universal,
Organic, synthetic, transcribed and recoded
In such an instant you find
If you can shape it in your mind
You will find it in your life.


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