Saturday, July 2, 2011

Been interpreting the days in terms of gray
Cause I’m living them today
Been feeling my muscles bend
Where they send my body in motion
Been operating at the highest speeds
Slow motion is no option
Sending letters forward to the future
Ebb contradicting the flow
Balance on the movement
Unwinding I’m finding
Mind’s not dividing
Compartmentalizing and sizing
The feelings that are most surprising
There gaining, melting in memory
Why I think of how light bends
Round a circle
Why a light bulb leaves
Leftover images on the past
They last
Retrace and relapse
So what do you think in the moment - its passed
Been spinning a web full of flowers
Its growing on what I give it
What it soaks into its coat
Been saving the nectar
Gonna spread it out with good measure
Gonna make your day better
Let my heart grow ♥

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