Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A slope on the inters cope
The helix shaped pattern
On the rings of Saturn
Floats before my face
Only an imagination
The rotation of a memory thought to be
The reality perceived differently
The actuality of morality and fatality
The next to, in front, eye’s view
Experience repeat, relapse, reestablish the past
The overcast, humid, capture
That the storm is coming after
The wonder how the hours unshift the weather
Whether to stay in or go out -
whether you even ought to sit and ponder anything
Other than straightforward and sideways
On the highways and byways
Hello’s and good days and goodbyes
Ok’s and agreements
Flying straight over the ground
Sparks ignite the sound
The wind and the animals call
They feel the feeling of small
Of the tall immense Earth
The surge, the birth
The inside, around, abounds
The inkblot’s next flip
The original sensation
The erased perception
The dream-weaver’s netting’s
Got my soul sending me
In control and out of it
I stay to runaway
In search of the next search
In stray with tomorrow’s hearsay
Today melts away
Thoughts think to stay.

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