Saturday, July 2, 2011

Walking round a neighborhood
The new and old understood
The mechanisms set on display
To say - we live this way
We apply to societal survival
The social display.  I’m here.  I say.
This is what’s contributing to life today.
This is the renew.  This is the circle of time.
This is the years been lived before
Colliding with a today’s mind alive for more
The thoughts run endless and true
Some move on the tilt I run to stay alive
Some I’ve found move me backwards
I sway away.  I stay on a path my wantings attach
My freedoms set on fire and spreads where the winds blows
Gaze at the only places my body cannot go.
The before and after.
I’ll have to send for a messenger instead.
I can’t be both at once
There’s only one of me to entrust that my mind 
Lives the sort of things it must.
Presently is the moment your makin.
Creating a better for you to reawaken
But your aching.
And your souls bakin’
Its hot to the touch.
It runs my energy level on the importance I find
It guides my immediate outlook
It controls the vibe I send when I say hi and my questions why
The earth controls me
On a cycle we spin
In the rhythm we’re in
We send a freshness to the future
I’ve got intent inside
I’ve got the time ticking
I’ve added the numbers
I’ve written the days
They’ve all just gone away
I’m experiencing a changing day
It’s a conversation with nature I’m learning to take
I’m practicing motion and moments in flight
I’m amounting the excitement its spinning a web
A suns explosion
Goodbye hello
Good night good day
Oh I’m watching
And not waiting
The beauty is before me and its clear
It’s the sun splintering through the air
The iris of my eye knows how to spy
Where wondering still is won
Thoughts rattle, quiver, and shake
And spit into my mind
Environmental adjustment
Lines connected and patterns displayed
Getting bigger, symmetrical reflections
Ripples on the surface
I’m on the earth and I’m in search
Seein who I’m bein.

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